Honey Extractions for Beginners

Bee keeping is very complicated as it involves so many things. One thing that you will come across and learn of is the learning curve. Consider the time you want to harvest the honey. Honey extractions involve so many techniques that can help you achieve so many things that you couldn’t achieve previously. There are however several tips that will guide them through honey harvest. As you continue to plan; you need to consider the essential tools that you will get to benefit with.

Harvesting is not easy. Two days can elapse as you harvest. You should, therefore, take it slow. Take your time to have this done. Have at least half an hour that you can use to remove the supers. Another hour we are required for setting up space for the harvesting. You need quite some time that will help you handle the filtrations and the extraction process. To finalize the process you will also need an hour for the entire process to be complete. Through this you can get adequate bottling time.

Consider kitchen harvesting. This could be your first time, and you will enjoy. There are so many people, that have adopted this method. It is therefore essential to remember that honey can get everywhere and gets very sticky. Ensure that you avoid any spillage whatsoever.

It could take you an entire day to harvest the honey. You, therefore, need to ensure that you harvest in an enclosed space. If you are handling the harvesting in an open space, be sure to get visitors soon. Other bees can get the smell of the honey and will soon come there. In the view of the bees, you can be sure to have a hard time. Opening the windows to the room will, however, help keep good circulation especially in the summer period.

One way that you need to ensure that you have is flowing honey. With warm hone you the flow is faster and better. Should you choose to have the extractions in the morning, have a warm lamp that can help warm up the honey as they will ensure that you get the honey flowing faster. You can use this method when you have to extract the honey in the point when the flow of the honey is limited.

It’s also essential to ensure that you keep of plain water near a hand towel. This is a way where you get to avoid sticky hands. This is a way that can get your hands very disturbing. What you need to do here is wetting the hands, and then you can dip the hands in a bowl and continue with the work.

To ensure you have an easy time, don’t extract and bottle the same day. Having a different bottling day is very important. Separate the two activates. You can allow the honey to flow through the filter bag throughout the night.
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