A Guide to Cryotherapy and Its Benefits

Whole body cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy is getting very popular these days. There are many people who use cryotherapy including professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, celebrities, people who suffer chronic pain, and anyone else. You may be wondering why cryotherapy is important to these people. Cryotherapy is known to have many benefits and this is what has made it very popular. Below are some of the top benefits of using cryotherapy.

One of the benefits of cryotherapy is that it helps in managing pain. Imagine yourself getting sprained on the ankle. Swelling can be reduced by applying certain things to the part. You put an ice pack on the sprained part. Cryotherapy and an ice pack almost have the same concept. While you put an ice pack on a specific area of your body, cryotherapy deals with the whole body. It is possible to cure your aches and pains using cryotherapy.

When you do workouts, it will be easy to recover with cryotherapy. Ice baths are something that athletes are very familiar with. In an ice bath, the goals is to use very cold temperatures to reduce inflammation and hasten the recovery process of the muscles. Cryotherapy is essentially an ice bath on steroids. But, it does not involve immersion in cold water and the results take a shorter time to achieve.

Cryptotherapy is now being used by professional sports athletes and collegiate athletic programs in exchange or alternative to ice packs.

If you use cryotherapy you will benefit from having a good mental well-being. Studies have shown that taking a cold shower 2 to 3 times a well can help relieve the symptoms of depression. Exposing your body to cold temperatures helps to release endorphins or happiness hormones. Cryotherapy is like a cold shower. You can have the benefits like in a cold shower because in cryotherapy you surround yourself in extremely lower temperatures.

You can help manage your weight with cryotherapy. Scientists believe that if the body is exposed to very cold temperatures, it produces brown fat. Brown fat is that type of fat that uses more calories to keep the body warm and burn extra body fat. There is no clear correlation between cryotherapy and weight loss although some people who regularly use cryotherapy have seen the achievement of their weight loss goals.

Whole body wellness is also a benefit of using cryotherapy. Cryotherapy can well complement your wellness routine. Cryotherapy will help you achieve whatever wellness goals you have.

Cryotherapy also helps boost the immune system. Studies have shown that active young men who had whole body cryotherapy sessions increased their white blood cell count.

Cryotherapy can also help relieve migraine and headaches. When the blood vessels expand in the neck, then migraine results but when it is cooled, the blood vessels constrict. With ice wraps around the neck, migraine is relieved. Treating migraine is an example of localized cryotherapy.

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