What to Discover from Pathway Genomics

Genetic testing can provide a wealth of practical information for individuals. Complete genetic analysis can be expensive, but a targeted analysis is more cost-effective. Many laboratories today, such as Pathway Genomics, offer specific tests for individuals seeking a way to live a healthy life. There is much to discover about predispositions, how the body reacts to foods, and what type of skin issues will present themselves while aging.

Simple DNA Testing

Kits are available to help people develop a fitness plan that will provide maximum results. Request a kit via the website, or at selected pharmacies. Fitness testing is offered in two variations. One examines twenty traits, while the other looks at forty traits. The kit includes simple DNA collection instructions and a prepaid envelope in which to send off the sample. In six weeks, an easy to read report is provided to the customer.


The analysis can indicate the genetics behind eating habits, how the body reacts to common foods, a genetic diet type, and losing weight. It also provides information regarding what vitamins the body lacks, what the exercise capacity is currently, and metabolic health factors.

Knowing the specific genetic makeup allows individuals to make proactive decisions, take preventative actions, and devise a total fitness plan to keep their bodies in excellent condition. If the genetics show the body is not designed for endurance, the individual can focus on building endurance first. If there is a desire for strength, it can be attained faster once the endurance has improved.


DNA testing to learn about skin type is also affordable and offered in two kits. People will discover if they have a predisposition to wrinkles or cellulite. Are they going to develop skin inflammation, or have dry skin as they age are questions that can be answered by DNA testing results.

The genetics indicate the natural aging process of the skin and the susceptibility to environmental stress. That information can be used to help people make choices and take steps to eliminate, reduce, or delay symptoms. If the genetics show the skin will be dry, for example, using a hydrating moisture from an early age can reduce wrinkles later in life.