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What You Need To Know About Cell Tower Leasing

Companies that provide tower services are called cell tower companies. These towers are important because they improve cell coverage. It is not uncommon to find several cell providers sharing one tower.

Cell tower lease consultant is a person who will help guide you before leasing your land to a wireless company or even a tower lease. To get a good price for a cell tower in your land, let an experienced consultant negotiate a price for you.

Any legal process that involves a cell tower lease will be best handled by a cell tower landlord advocate. Advocates who know the laws that concern cell towers in different regions will be very useful to a property owner.

If you receive rent money for a cell tower placed in your property, you are a cell tower lease landlord A good location for a cell tower is what attracts cell tower companies.

If a wireless company agrees to pay the property owner one lump sum, then this is called a lease buyout.
Valuation means considering what the current price of a cell tower lease is, the value of your property and location of the intended cell tower. A proper valuation means you will get the best price for what you offer.

A contract is a written agreement between the leasing company and the property owner. Consultants help to simplify the legal jargon in contracts and explain the rights of the owner in a simple way.

Based on experience, one can get a better deal during a lease renewal because it is a chance to start again. Consultants ensure that property owners get good value for leased properties during lease renewals.

Annual escalators means that every year property owners get a rent percentage pay that takes inflation into account instead of term escalators which could mean one percentage for four years.

As a property owner you may see a cell company seeking to upgrade its rooftop cell site coverage. Drawings by cell tower companies on upgrades they intend to do should be given to property owners to make them aware of the changes. Property owners should ensure that they receive consent letters before changes are made to rooftop cell sites.

Finally, don’t sign contracts or consent letters without consulting your advocate. Ask your advocate to look out for better deals for you from several companies. Consider your method of rent payment carefully before you sign anything. Term escalators are in the best interest of cell tower companies but not in the property owners interests because of inflation.

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